Friday, 16 November 2012

Twenty Things To Be Happy About

Dig in!

1. Candy cane ice cream

2. Sparkly shoes

3. Heated swimming pools

4. French braids

5. Laughing until you cry

6. Homemade bread

7. Singing in the shower

8. Sisters

9. Vintage clothing stores

10. Knowing this guy is ALIVE somewhere in the world

Is there a problem officer?
11. Jumping into piles of leaves

12. When your favorite jeans always fit

13. Roller coasters

14. Reading a book on a rainy afternoon

15. Having birthday cake for breakfast

16. Skating outdoors

17. Kissing

18. Milkshakes

19. Chunky necklaces

20. Dancing in the kitchen

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Arianna said...

Scarves. I like scarves.

But right now I'm dying from coughing and a mild case of bronchitis so I should mention coffee also.

Sus said...

Such a nice post! You made me smile.

I love hugs. <3

LisaAnn said...

Love it. You've nailed many of the world's greatest things, and I would like to add macaroni and cheese.

Kimberlee Turley said...

I'm thankful for fast food. : )

It's just so convenient and there's no mess to clean up!

Bethany Myers said...

All worthy additions to the list. Aria get better soon, Lisa Ann, I love the new pic!

Laila N Mysis said...

I got a kitten! x)

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